Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Ice cream and ice cream have completely different meanings even if in the eyes of the average consumer, it would seem the same thing.

Both have similar basic ingredients: milk, cream and sugar, which are mixed together and shaken vigorously.

Gelato has more milk than cream than ice cream and, in turn, has less fat. Making ice cream involves churning out the mix at a much slower rate than preparing ice cream. Shake the mix and quickly introduce air into the mix, making the dough softer. As a result, ice cream is much more milky and dense with less air, while ice cream is creamier and can contain between 25% and 90% air. The higher density gives the ice cream a more intense flavor. The higher density and lower fat composition mean that ice cream is generally served at a higher temperature than ice cream. Otherwise, the ice cream would be very hard. Since gelato is denser, a portion of gelato can be smaller than a portion of ice cream. In other words, you might be satisfied with a smaller volume of gelato because the ice cream has more air, which does little to satiate your hunger (but it can make you fart more). In addition to the ingredients described above, the vinje ice cream often prepared with the addition of artificial flavorings, unhealthy vegetable fats thus obtaining a poor quality product which is the opposite of the Italian Gelato to be savored, where the taste buds thank us


In the world of dessert, there is nothing in the world that is more creamy, sweeter and full of ingredients of absolute quality than an Italian Gelato.

In order to differentiate their offer, restaurants are increasingly opting for top-quality artisan gelato for their dessert menus. Some chefs realize how difficult it is to get a great product by preparing it in a restaurant, because of the time needed to produce a quality Gelato, but also for the necessary investments that are very high for a product that is of service and not at the center of the business. Our secret is the meticulous research of the ingredients that we customize for each restaurateur in order to guarantee a dessert that is always different thanks to the many possible combinations. Finally, for most restaurants, prices are still essential to evaluate a new partner. Suppose you are buying Gelato for $ 12 / kilo. This will allow you to have 10 balls / balls of ice cream that can be used for 5 desserts, which you will sell for $ 7/8. Make the calculations: you will discover that it is an option not to be missed for your restaurant! What are you waiting for, call us now!


The ice cream festival is one of the most epic ways to make a meeting memorable. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a recent victory at work with an office celebration, or organizing a graduation party rather than a wedding. Nothing so practical and cheerful about BarbaGelato’s restaurant service.

We introduce ourselves, arrange our cute cart so all you have to do is enjoy our ice cream. It’s like taking our store directly to your office, backyard, wedding, building or birthday party.

And the prices?

it depends on the number of people present at the event and on the number of service employees that are needed, as well as on the type of upgrade you want to take from those we will offer you based on your event!

Are you a private individual, a sports association, or do you have a restaurant / hotel and would you like us to help you serve and deliver our ice cream? Sure!

Call us or send us an e-mail today and we will prepare everything you need and we will provide you with the best quote for your next, memorable meeting! For more information, click here or write to [email protected]

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